another milestone

13 Dec

After 7 months of working full-time plus some and attending night classes twice a week for 3 hours I am proud to say I am finally done with my paralegal certification course!!!! I always heard people say going to school and working full time was hard but I never thought it would have been that difficult and time consuming, however, it is now something else to add to my resume! wooo hooooo. Oh- not to mention I trained and accomplished a half marathon in September during all that chaods. Needless to say I am definitely looking forward to this weekend, let the celebrations commence! 


We are NUMBER 1

20 Nov

Wow what an amazing weekend – family and Notre Dame, what more can you ask for? Well I said I was going to go running on Notre Dame’s campus… I did, granted it was only for 2 miles but DAMN – it was 29 degrees outside!! I have to give credit to my cousin Rachel for actually making get my butt outside. It was also not a normal jog, but a RUN, due to my awesome cousin – she ran so dang fast. I guess I could consider it prepping me for the pace I actually want to run. Rachel had never been to Notre Dame’s campus before so I thought it was perfect to run to the grotto. So beautiful! We then ran to the bookstore! You can’t take a trip to Notre Dame without stopping at the bookstore! Especially when it is the last home game – and we are ranked number 1!Image


The game itself was AWESOME! It was a blowout against Wake Forest. That isnt even the best news, Oregon lost to Stanford and Kansas State lost to Baylor…. which makes us ranked number 1 in the BCS rankings!! wooo hooo!!! I do not know how I lucked out by going to Notre Dame on the two best weekends, vs Stanford and when Notre Dame gets ranked number 1! South Bend went nuts, everyone was so thrilled, mostly because no one expected Kansas State to loose to u-nranked Baylor. My sister, her friend and I went over to Stonehedge at 1 AM where all the students were partying, so cool to be apart of.

This all makes me that much more nervous to be ranked 1st. We must beat USC which I do not think will be a problem now that their quarterback is out. And then we will head on to the Championship game in Miami! Can’t wait for that party! Image


15 Nov

What is speedwork? What is it suppose to do? I know I want to improve my time and people keep telling me – you need to start doing speedwork. All I can think of is ‘really???? all I am trying to do is get my mileage back up from slacking off for 2 months!’. I do not want to have to think about running 3 or 4 miles faster than I usually do. All I am trying to do at this point is get through those 3 or 4 miles without irritating my IT band.


With that said, today I decided to increase my speed – and was I tired. Someone told me “keep that up, you’ll get there eventually”. UGH I just want to be able to run 7 miles with out struggling! Atleast my official Hal Higdon training program has not started yet. Decemeber 3rd is fast my approaching! Just trying to get a good base so I can start off strong! 

This weekend

14 Nov

I am so excited for this coming weekend but I feel like it is taking forever to get here! I was able to get Friday off work (thank God) but even with a 4 day work week you would think it would go by faster right? Nope, I can’t believe it is only Wednesday. I am hoping to get a run in this weekend at the beautiful Notre Dame campus, but lets be honest, what are the chances of that happening on a ND gameday weekend? I keep telling myself that I am going to run outside more this time around but there is some strange attraction I have to the treadmill. Well, hopefully something as awesome as running on Notre Dame campus will get me to run outside! Counting down the days!


The Beginning

14 Nov

I am not sure what made me decide to start a blog. Maybe it is the fact I was told I was exhausting the use of social media during the election, maybe it is me seeking to inspire others (whether it be running or political views), or maybe it is simply because I want to organize all the thoughts I have running around in my head.

I am not sure how this whole blogging thing works but I am excited to find out!Image